I just had the most intense dream ever..

Gosh guys I just woke up and I had the most intense dream ever omg. So I went into this coffee shop where I met Soohyun and Eli and I was like wtf? They greeted me so nicely but I almost cried because Kevin wasnt there (Now you will ask where were Kiseop and Hoon and AJ? I dont know xD) The coffee shop owner who looked Japanese was standing behind a bar drying some cups and said: “He is studying he will come here in a few minutes! ” and a few seconds after that he came in with a backpack looking like the cutest student ever. (I guess he was in university?) He greeted everyone nicely in the shop and suddenly he came up to me hugging me so tightly (omg it felt so real seriously guys!) and I was sooo shy! The Coffee shop owner told me that I have won a date on the last episode of some Korean variety show where fans get to date their stars! I was like WHAT?! And there everything went more intense oh gosh.. I cant remember anything but I know that there werent any cameras so it was just him and me (which was weird because it was a variety show?) I just remember that sometimes he came sooo close to me I could feel his freakin breath on my face! Everything felt too real. I was really shy but we laughed a lot and I asked him why he acts so close with me and if there were more episodes to come of this show. He was like “no this will be my last one”. He was holding my hand all the time and oh gosh.. I cant remember the end but it was just so freakin intense and real and omg. Fangirl feels everywhere! Has anyone of you ever had dreams like this?

Charming Kevin ( ´ ▽ ` )❤~

My Cover of Neverland! Will be the last one for a long time so I don’t annoy you guys with all this personal stuff.~

Working on my Neverland Cover. That freakin never land end end end part is so difficult to sing! It will be up today! I thought I’d do another one similar to Stop Girl and since Neverland is the most liked era of Kissmes I thought I’d give it a try~ (I know I am making a lot of Covers these days, but since its easter break in Germany, I have a lot of time and my head is full of ideas xD)

So I just read that the player doesn’t work x.x So here`s the Youtube upload. I thought the player doesnt work only for me but somehow no one can play it right?

TRACK NAME: Stop Boy [Female Acoustic Cover]
TIMES PLAYED: 10 plays

This is my Female Acoustic Cover for U-KISS Stop girl! I tried to combine the Korean and the English Lyrics. I hope you like it! ~

Kevin and Eric dancing to GOT7’s Girls Girls Girls!

Imagine Kevin welcoming you, closing the door at first joking around and then welcoming you seriously with his lovely smile ~

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